Special Issue

Mandate 2017

Narendra Modi

S Prasannarajan | PR Ramesh | Ullekh NP | AK Verma | Sumantra Bose | Bharat Karnad |Rahul Pandita | Kumar Anshuman | Siddharth Singh | Sanjay Kumar

Narendra Modi: The Only One ~ by S Prasannarajan
The power and pervasiveness of an idea called Modi

Narendra Modi: The Nation Builder ~ by By PR Ramesh
Modi and the making of a new India

More to Moditva ~ by Ullekh NP The aggrieved, the aspirational, the awed and the austere. The anatomy of a history-shifting verdict

From Identity Politics to Aspirational Politics ~ by AK Verma
Name of the change

Rahul Gandhi and the Last Rites of a Notional Party ~ by Sumantra Bose
A sense of ending

Mayawati: The Redundant Symbolism of Statues ~ by Rahul Pandita
The out caste

Suicidal Instincts in the House of Yadav ~ by Kumar Anshuman
The endangered clan

Can Amarinder Singh Redeem Punjab? ~ by Siddharth Singh
In the vanguard with the Captain

The Damned Science of Psephology ~ by Sanjay Kumar
Maybe we need a new method for reading the mood

More Disruption Please ~ by by Bharat Karnad
Now let there be a course correction in defence and international relations