Openomics 2017

Arun Jaitley and the making of an ethical India

Openomics 2017: Editor’s Note ~ By S Prasannarajan
It is not drama but dharma that defines Jaitley's budget

Modi’s Moderniser ~ By Swapan Dasgupta
Arun Jaitley and the making of an ethical India

The layers of accountability of various ministries to the Prime Minister is very high” ~ By Ullekh NP and Siddharth Singh
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his first interaction with industry leaders after the Budget

Nation and Automation ~ By Dhiraj Nayyar
Catching up with the fourth industrial revolution

On the Right Path ~ By Siddharth Singh
Modi and the marketplace—the story so far

The Next Surge ~ By Sajjid Z Chinoy
A fine balance between creativity and caution

The Labour Puzzle ~ Aresh Shirali
At what point do Indian workers slacken off? Or do they at all?

Back to Bangalore ~ By V Shoba
Shaping the arc of India’s infotech progress

Start-Ups Need Bust-Ups ~ By Devangshu Datta
In praise of risk

The Bard and the Budget ~ By Lhendup G Bhutia
A brief history of figurative speech

The Economics of Romance ~ by Sonali Acharjee
Being priced out of the dating market