Special Issue

Openomics 2018

Openomics 2018

Aresh Shirali | Maitreesh Ghatak | Madhavankutty Pillai | Lakshmi Pratury | Devangshu Datta ...

The Growth Sutra ~ by Aresh Shirali
What might soon change and what already has about India's emergence

The Big Bank Theory ~ by Maitreesh Ghatak
Privatisation is not the answer

Ponzi Schemes: The Pyramid Fraud ~ by Madhavankutty Pillai
Ponzi schemes pose a Rs 84,000 crore problem and a proposed law, if executed well, could save millions from falling prey

The Data Doctrine: More’s Law ~ by Lakshmi Pratury
As data gathering goes into overdrive, India could lead the quest to make the whole greater than the sum of bits and bytes

National Therapy ~ by Aresh Shirali
The promise and pitfalls of keeping India hale and hearty

The Aadhaar Raj ~ by Devangshu Datta
What it enables by way of e-commerce must not be overshadowed by the dangers it exposes people to

Cryptocurrency: Coin Your Future ~ by Lhendup G Bhutia
Indian startups have begun to issue their own cryptocurrencies to raise funds

What Homebodies Watch: Net Fix ~ by Jyotirmoy Saha
The direct delivery of entertainment to handsets already has the numbers to reshape Indian TV and cinema

The Kohli Rate of Growth ~ by Aditya Iyer
Economic lessons from the captain’s chase

Like Clockwork: The Market Value of Time ~ by Sonali Acharjee
New responses to time scarcity are redefining how we tick