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An Open celebration of the world’s greatest storyteller

Macbeth: Out, Out, Brief Candle! ~ by MJ Akbar
Macbeth is the drama of ambition rising from the ash of ethics. We live today in a different age from Macbeth and the king he betrayed and assassinated.

Favourite Lines From the World’s Most Quoted Writer
Full of sound and fury, signifying everything.

A Modern Romance ~ by Bunny And Jug Suraiya
Rahman & Juhi.

My Master’s Voice ~ by Rajat Kapoor
I went to Shakespeare’s burial place in Stratford when we had gone with Hamlet for a three-week tour to the UK. I said a little prayer. I don’t believe in god or religion, I asked for something which is now between me and him.

The Play’s the Thing ~ by Nandini Nair
He understands the personal better than a shrink and the political better than a pundit. He explains it all better than a sage.

World’s a Stage - by Nandini Nair
The most imaginative reinterpretations of the Bard are being seen in Asia, says the foremost Shakespeare scholar James Shapiro.