Special: US Elections 2016

Special: US Elections 2016

The Triumph and Tragedy of Obama ~ By S Prasannarajan
As President Obama leaves the White House, the most contested word after ‘Trump’ is ‘legacy’

Welcome to Trumpistan ~ By Tunku Varadarajan in New York
Get ready for a wild ride with the new leader of the free world

The World According to the Donald ~ By Brahma Chellaney
If Trump succeeds in revamping US foreign policy, he will set the stage for a true partnership with India

Trump and the American Dream 2016 ~ By S Prasannarajan
The newest fairytale of democracy carries within it the ominous iconography of change.

Into the Unknown With Trump ~ By Tunku Varadarajan in New York
Trump wants to make America great again but we’re not sure how he will pull that off.

Why Do They Hate Hillary? ~ By James Astill in Washington DC
The failures and fall of Hillary Clinton.

Modi’s Friend? Wait. ~ By Michael Kugelman
Trump will be fully capable of managing the India-US relationship during its good times. A natural ally will have to do more.

Trust in Trump ~ By Bharat Karnad
A hard bargain, but good for India

The Last White Backlash ~ By Sunanda K Datta-Ray
With his flaxen mop and delicately gesticulating hands, Trump put his money on India long before the Republican Hindu Coalition discovered him.

The B Factor in Trump’s Victory ~ By Madhavankutty Pillai
The underrated power of boredom among the reasons for Trump’s victory

Trump Towers Over India ~ By Lhendup G Bhutia
The Trump Organization has tied up with local developers to build two residential projects, one in Mumbai and the other in Pune.

America Beyond Pornography ~ By S Prasannarajan
It’s not about diminished America but diminished politics.

Donald Trump: The Ugly American ~ By Tunku Varadarajan in New York
If Trump has achieved anything in this year-and-a-half of campaigning, it has been to drag a great national and party history through the mud.

A Matter of Good Taste ~ By S Prasannarajan
Between the Trump pornography and the Hillary wonkery. Obama won a Nobel for not being George W. Hillary may win the presidency for not being Trump.

Dented Trump ~ By James Astill
Hillary Clinton may have a slight advantage now but in its month-long denouement, the US presidential election is too close to call.

Let’s Restore Rhetoric ~ By S Prasannarajan
The crisis in the language of politics.

The Wreckage Beneath Trumpism ~ By S Prasannarajan
The failure of mainstream conservatism has made the rise of Trump possible. Have the evil-busters ever noticed?

US Election 2016: Did the Khans Break the Trumpet? ~ By James Astill
An unknown immigrant family at the Democratic convention may have shaken the loutish Republican candidate a bit but this election is not yet Hillary Clinton’s to lose.

Why Donald Trump is Good for India ~ By Bharat Karnad
His America would leave India with no alternative than to give up complacency, fend for itself and safeguard its extended interests.

Trump and Hillary: The Unloveable versus the Despicable ~ By Tunku Varadarajan
Compared with Trump’s hideous and incurable flaws, Hillary’s perceived faults seem far from indigestible to a voter with a sturdy stomach.

US Election 2016: Donald Up Close ~ By James Astill
The Republican candidate is much more pleasant in private than in his snarling public performances. Our contributor gets closer to Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton: Make Way for Madam President ~ By James Astill
In spite of the trust deficit, it’s time for the Clinton dynasty’s tryst with the White House.

Who’s Afraid of the Outsider? ~ By S Prasannarajan
The truth behind the crude ingenuity of Donald Trump.

The American Scream ~ By Tunku Varadarajan
It is a fight between the inscrutably cynical Hillary Clinton and the swashbuckling nativist Donald Trump. The unpopular may defeat the popular in the end.

US Election: A Time of Fear and Loathing ~ By James Astill
Are Americans going to choose as their candidate for the world’s most important job two of the most ill-suited claimants to that role imaginable?

Donald Trump’s Triumph of Insolence ~ By Tunku Varadarajan
The rise and rise of an angry populist and the conservative crack up.

US Elections: Missing the Leader ~ By James Astill
The rise of Donald Trump is a sign of deep conflict and malaise in the Republican Party. Still, it is premature for Hillary Clinton to smile.

Donald Trump, From A to Z ~ By Tunku Varadarajan
An alphabetical portrait of the frontrunner in the race for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

Hillary Clinton: The First Email President of America ~ By Tunku Varadarajan
Why Hillary Clinton will survive the latest storm.