The Economy Issue 2019

The Economy Issue 2019

Swapan Dasgupta | TCA Srinivasa Raghavan |  Ullekh NP | Siddharth Singh | Dhiraj Nayyar | Amita Shah | Lhendup G Bhutia | Harpreet Singh | Devangshu Datta | Sanjeev Ahluwalia |  Bibek Debroy | Madhavankutty Pillai

The power of the familiar ~ by Swapan Dasgupta
After securing a resounding mandate that was also based on the ability of large numbers of beneficiaries breaking ranks of caste and community and voting for Modi, the Government has reposed its faith in the old approach.

Populist? No ~ by TCA Srinivasa Raghavan
Don’t underestimate an understatement.

Tinkered, not tailored ~ by Ullekh NP
Start-ups are enthused by Budget recommendations, but want more concrete steps to help them grow at a faster clip.

The rural fetish ~ by Siddharth Singh
Throwing money at rural India without redistributing its excess population is worthless populism.

The $5 trillion task ~ by Dhiraj Nayyar
Well within the grasp of Modi 2.0.

Remember her ~ by Amita Shah
Incentives for women self-help groups deliver a big political message.

The soil economy ~ by Lhendup G Bhutia
The Finance Minister says the solution to India’s agricultural system is Zero Budget Natural Farming. Is it possible?

Tax and be rich ~ by Harpreet Singh
India as a work in progress.

Growth is inevitable ~ by Devangshu Datta
The future according to a professional pessimist.

Borrowed boom ~ by Sanjeev Ahluwalia
Overcoming the inhibitions of the marketplace.

A cultural survey of the economy ~ by Bibek Debroy
Are we finally going beyond Kautilya in our economic thinking?

On literary dabs by finance ministers ~ by Madhavankutty Pillai
The light touch