The Originals

The Wealth Issue 2016

The Smart-up Generation in ten portraits


Wealth Issue 2016: Editor's Note ~ By S Prasannarajan
The problem is not capitalism but the inadequacies of politics-as-usual to engage with capital.

The Dharmic Economy: By Gurcharan Das
The road to sustainable markets.

Rejoice! The Innovation Nation is Here ~ By Amitabh Kant
And the Government is playing catalyst

Political Fortunes ~ By Sunanda K Datta-Ray
The ideological colours of money.

What Numbers Don’t Tell ~ By Bibek Debroy
What makes a country rich and why did India fall behind?

The Art of Capitalism ~ By Kishore Singh
The power of patronage.

Hindi cinema: The Aesthetics of Excess ~ By Rachel Dwyer
It’s glorious to be rich in Hindi cinema.

The Originals

The Smart-up Generation in ten portraits ~ By Aresh Shirali
An Indian apple of originality has been bitten.

Flower Recycling: Ankit Agarwal, 26 Co-Founder, Help Us Green ~ By Sonali Acharjee
“People thought we were crazy—who spends time working with rotting flowers from the river?”

Funeral Services: Bilva Desai, 32, Founder Mokshshil ~ By Madhavankutty Pillai
“For the first cremation, I myself went as the manager because we didn’t ant any mistakes”

Smart Devices: Vivek Mohan, 24 CEO, Bisko Labs ~ By Akshaya Pillai
“Our venture is a way of redefining everyday devices that dominate our life”

Artificial Intelligence: Ashwini Asokan, Anand Chandrasekaran, 35, 37 Founders of Mad Street Den ~ By V Shoba
“We looked at everyday lives to figure out where AI can intersect”

Cold Storage: Akash Agarwal, 25, Founder, New Leaf Dynamic ~ By Kumar Anshuman
“I was sure that our product shouldn’t be dependent on electricity or generators”

Education: Kunal Gandhi, 35, Co-Founder and CEO, Logic Roots ~ By Sonali Acharjee
“We used mice, frogs and monsters to turn math into something fun that families could practice together”

Communications: Ajit Narayanan, 35, Founder Invention Labs ~ By V Shoba
“We have translated a pictorial dictionary into speech”

Office Space: Kaushal Sanghavi, 33 Founder Breathing Room ~ By Lhendup G Bhutia
“If you point to an office randomly, I can bet there is a meetinOffice Space: Kaushal Sanghavi, 33 Founder Breathing Roomg room that is rarely being used”

Living: Geetansh Bamania, 27, Co-Founder Rentomojo ~ By Haima Deshpande
“People are very fixated on ownership. We are giving them a smarter option”

Drones: Vipul Singh, 26 Co-Founder, Aarav Unmanned System ~ By V Shoba
“When you are venturing into an emerging market, it is important to dedicate time to creating awareness”