Special Issue

Travel Issue 2018

Travel Issue 2018

Madhavankutty Pillai | Tunku Varadarajan | Rohit Chawla | Lhendup G Bhutia | Priyanka Dalal | Sonali Acharjee | Rishad Saam Mehta | Ashish Sharma | Deepthi Murali | Aditya Iyer | Ritesh Uttamchandani | Nandini Nair | Rachel Dwyer | Aresh Shirali  | Jug Suraiya

Indian Summer as a Traveller’s Tale ~ by Madhavankutty Pillai

Lawrence Osborne: ‘Sensuality drives everything in travel’ ~ by Tunku Varadarajan
Novelist and traveller Lawrence Osborne on the art of seeing and writing

One Morning in Delhi... ~ by Rohit Chawla
Random encounters, with heritage Delhi as a backdrop, are glimpses of life stories told by the instinctive lens

Darjeeling of the Mind ~ by Lhendup G Bhutia
Going meditative in the foothills of the Himalayas

The Liberation Theory of a Singular Traveller ~ by Priyanka Dalal
Woman alone away

Footloose in Hokkaido ~ by Sonali Acharjee
Among the dancing cranes

The Old New Hanoi ~ Text And Photographs By Ashish Sharma
The rustic charms and modern cool of Vietnam

On the Road from Istanbul to Antalya ~ by Rishad Saam Mehta
A bend in history

The Eternity of Return ~ by Deepthi Murali
A homecoming in Kerala

A Pilgrimage to Grand Slam Cities ~ by Aditya Iyer
City notes of a tennis aficionado

Romancing the Rain ~ Text And Photographs By Ritesh Uttamchandani
The legend of the Indian monsoon

Dilli Darshan with Virginia Woolf ~ by Nandini Nair
Women writers as city guides

Mumbai Mail ~ by Rachel Dwyer
My train journey across Hindi cinema

The Man Who Gave Us Wings ~ by Aresh Shirali
A requiem for the travel agent

The Great Desi Boorist ~ by Jug Suraiya
Remember? How we scratched our names on Taj? Or was it Ajanta?