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Just Feel It

Some years ago, when some friends were planning to climb the Stok Kangri peak, I decided to tag along up till

Go Rural

For some reason, sugarcane juice tastes much better 600 km away from Mumbai. Perhaps because it is made of

A Higher Place

The first time I ever saw snow, we had decided to drive up to the mountains at 4 in the morning—a decision

A Divine Treat

Nearly a dozen cats roam the interminable corridors of the Srirangam temple late into the night, when the

The Absent Traveller

Poetry is the elastic thread of life-giving fancy running through poet Arvind Krishna Mehrotra’s experience

A Hole in the Earth

Vijay Nambisan began his writing career as a poet, winning the first ever All India Competition (organised by


Graphic and Cartoon Art The Kubert School was earlier known as the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic

India’s New Ivy League

The Indian education system, the third largest in the world after China’s and America’s, has approximately

Over the Horizon

Couple of years ago, while doing a story on the transformations taking place at the Indian Institutes of

Far and Wide

The road that led to studying abroad wasn’t always easy. There were several things one had to keep in

The Arts Boom

Veleen Sadana is a PhD student at the Department of Sociology at Delhi University. Her area of interest is

Can You Do It?

Aravindh Kishore, 23, is spoilt for choice. An electronics and communications engineer from Bangalore, he has

MBA with a Difference

For all the wild stories, the Indian route to success has long been fixed. You got an engineering degree


It has been difficult for us. When the batsmen click the bowlers don’t. And when the bowlers do the batsmen