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Open Minds 2016

Open Minds 2016: Public Square For a country of India’s diversity, vibrance and population, picking a few

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Macbeth: Out, Out, Brief Candle! ~ by MJ Akbar Macbeth is the drama of ambition rising from the ash of ethics

The Travel Issue

The Travel Issue: Editor's Note ~ S Prasannarajan The Romance of the Road ~ Madhavankutty Pillai In Search of

New Year 2016 Issue

New Year Issue: Editor’s Note ~ S Prasannarajan A celebration of storytelling   Being a Conservative ~ Swapan


Editor’s Note ~ by S Prasannarajan A political leadership that realises the sanctity of individual autonomy

7 shades of summer

From travel and movies to books and food, a collection of all things cool this summer The gatherings of the

The Road to Somewhere

A driving holiday in India comes with a fair share of surprises, most of them pleasant—rivers rushing across

Just Feel It

Some years ago, when some friends were planning to climb the Stok Kangri peak, I decided to tag along up till

Go Rural

For some reason, sugarcane juice tastes much better 600 km away from Mumbai. Perhaps because it is made of

A Higher Place

The first time I ever saw snow, we had decided to drive up to the mountains at 4 in the morning—a decision

A Divine Treat

Nearly a dozen cats roam the interminable corridors of the Srirangam temple late into the night, when the

The Absent Traveller

Poetry is the elastic thread of life-giving fancy running through poet Arvind Krishna Mehrotra’s experience

A Hole in the Earth

Vijay Nambisan began his writing career as a poet, winning the first ever All India Competition (organised by


Graphic and Cartoon Art The Kubert School was earlier known as the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic

India’s New Ivy League

The Indian education system, the third largest in the world after China’s and America’s, has approximately