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Table of Contents

02-08 Oct, 2012 | Vol 04 | Issue 40
The return of the reformer
The reform announcements that have given Manmohan Singh and the Congress another lifeline are driven primarily by cold electoral logic

Ajit Pawar’s resignation spells more trouble for the NCP than Congress

Karnataka admits to a MNREGA scam pegged at Rs 600 crore

Life in this remote town has been altered beyond recognition by the discovery of oil

Faizan Bashir’s case is not an isolated one. The arrest of minors in Kashmir is turning into a serious issue

…under a blanket of red dust in Goa’s mining belt

Finance minister P Chidambaram has inherited a Customs and Excise mess, courtesy controversial CBEC officials

In conversation with Shoaib Malik, Michael Clarke, Chris Gayle and David Warner

It looks the same, clicks the same and links the same. But there are huge differences between online dating in India and the West

How the hilarious father-son gag on radio came to be

How relationships get tricky when you always have a foot out of the door

Hrithik’s Quickie as Ghost Director • For a Dream Disclosure • Subtlety Does It

In Meerut’s small but flourishing film industry in UP, the cast and crew juggle day jobs with their movie careers to make movies with a dehati flavour


And why Das shouldn’t count on Raj Dharma as a saviour of the Indian economy


This exhibition may waver in its portraits of people, but it excels in hinting at stories


It has been found that stalking an ex-lover on Facebook impedes one’s emotional recovery


No small knobs on this watch, only a plunger and trigger


In this story of a fading movie star, Kareena Kapoor plays her most courageous role so far