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Table of Contents

09-15 Oct, 2012 | Vol 04 | Issue 41
Portraits of life imitating old Bollywood in the streets of India
Beyond the smiles, there are stories of abuse and deprivation. There is also the spirit of the child to break free. Many ran away from home to be Bollywood stars. They believed the roles Amitabh Bachchan essayed—the saturnine avenger, the quintessential man of the street who is chasing freedom and success.

This seems to be the principal opposition party’s perpetual state of political existence

The Congress reaches out to Jagan, Naidu to the common man

Harassed on their return to Kashmir valley and shunted out of Jammu city, Pandit refugees say it’s a repeat of the 1990 nightmare for them

After 18 years of humiliation, Dr Nambi Narayanan, an ISRO scientist falsely implicated in an espionage case, has finally been vindicated

In conversation with Muttiah Muralitharan, Allan Donald, Russel Arnold and Paddy Upton

As India’s most iconic art gallery turns 60, the story of how it shaped and reshaped Indian art

An effort to preserve those quaint letters on old signboards of shops as part of the country’s street heritage

Barfi! The debate over India’s official pick for the Academy Awards is not as clear cut as it seems

…is that they (sometimes) compensate well for the few extra inches around their waistline

How Abhishek Mukherjee, an international tennis umpire whose life was repeatedly set back by cancer, kept returning to the top of his game

Could Wal-Mart and its ilk lend Indian trade the elasticity needed to help India get a grip on its external sector?

Pied Piper of Bollywood • Hrithik’s Extra Role • Item Now, Item Not


Naomi Wolf’s new book on the vagina is as misogynistic as they come


Is Anurag Sharma’s dream venture a ‘me too’ flash in the pan or does he mean business?


According to a new study, your childhood peers may be able to best predict your success as an adult


It’s bigger than the first Wave and better because, in the tech world, newer is better


Highly entertaining, this film is a refreshing demolition of India’s never-ending divinity