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Table of Contents

30 Oct-05 Nov, 2012 | Vol 04 | Issue 44
What they told us and what we heard
This circle of friends and relatives revealed how nightmarish the last four years have been for all of them. They believe that India’s premier investigative agency, the Central Bureau of Investigation, is out to persecute as much as prosecute them.

The lives of Aarushi Talwar’s family and friends

…and who but Gujaratis themselves can you blame for it?

And how he could still end up winning

Akshai Varde on his life and career trajectory—from being a flight attendant to designing the motorcycle that Akshay Kumar uses in Oh My God

…and how Fate couldn’t have chosen a sterner adversary

Search Aamir • Hide and Seek • Ex Files

Why would anyone invest crores in an industry where most ventures bomb? Ask VCs gung-ho on Indian cinema projects

A strong currency is the focus of the Finance Minister’s plan to stabilise the economy rightaway

Lewis Hamilton has made a bold switch from McLaren to Mercedes. To make a go of it, Hamilton and the car will both have to grow up

…and it is better to know the rules before you play a game—any game


Boria Majumdar is no masterchef, but for someone new to the kitchen, his recipes are effective and unintimidating


Nandita Das on acting, co-writing, directing, producing and acting along with her husband

Uday Benegal, lead singer of Indus Creed, on the band’s new album Evolve after a silence of 17 years, and about its return to a revitalised Indian rock scene


The strange journey of Anand Gandhi, from being a writer for Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi to directing the cerebral film festival favourite Ship of Theseus

Here is another film that reveals an intimate relationship between Hollywood and the CIA


Fresh evidence that a relatively late sexual initiation is likely to lead to a happier romantic relationship


If you are undecided between smartphones and tablets, buy this. It is a ‘two-in-one’