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Table of Contents

06-13 Nov, 2012 | Vol 04 | Issue 45
It is reshuffle for one and Ram for the other
As the UPA cabinet reshuffle mocks public sentiment, Advani invokes Ram mandir in the wake of the orchestated communal violence near Ayodhya. The government and the opposition are out of sync with the people

How the BJP turned a Congress-stronghold state into its own fiefdom

Jaw-jaw instead of war-war. It works

Karnad’s outrage over an award to Naipaul seeks to impose irrelevant standards on a writer

Yeddyurappa’s threat to break away from the BJP

Faizabad saw a brazen attack on Muslims on 24 October. From what led to this carnage, it is clear that it was not spontaneous but orchestrated

…and why Year 2002 casts such a long shadow on the state

The story of a 20-something man who was walled inside a room by his family that did not mean him harm

Watching Formula One from two distinct vantage points

How three young Afghan women filmed their lives with videocams

A fly on the wall at the fashion week in Delhi

The unhappiness of filmmakers and actors whose films get made but not released

…is not as easy as it is touted to be

Samiir Halady’s kidneys stopped functioning 11 years ago, but that has not kept him from his first love, trekking

Citigroup lost about nine tenths of its market value during Vikram Pandit’s tenure as its CEO

Mr India’s Successor • Last Breath Saloon • Righteous Interruptus

The visual history of a famous victory


In this beautiful collection of short stories, where the everyday blends with the supernatural, Janice Pariat tells the story of Shillong and its people


A stepchild of the art world, printmaking has lately been in the spotlight


What our grannies might have done to make us brainier and, therefore, live longer


The brand is celebrating Saint-Imier, a Swiss village famous for its watches and also this watchmaker’s hometown


A clumsy account of one of the most knotty socio-political issues confronting India today