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Table of Contents

05-11 Dec, 2012 | Vol 04 | Issue 49
The case against capital punishment
Should India continue with the death penalty when it cannot get it right?

…a look at the gains and losses of the CPI (Maoist)

The figures for the loss are not illusory, the hype against the CAG is

What India’s shameful defeat in Mumbai reveals

Rendezvous with ‘a leading Syrian dissident’

The arrest of a couple of corporate executives exposes a global racket

The making of the hangman’s noose at Buxar Central Jail in Bihar

About a great magazine

A player excluded from the Indian team has sued P Gopichand. Is the national badminton coach an unfair autocrat or just someone who excels at his job?

America’s gas renaissance could spell cheaper gas for energy-starved economies even in Asia

…and other portents of the point of no return

Indian designers treat runway shows as entertainment. What they show on the ramp, they dare not sell in their stores

Shahidul Alam, on why he thinks India’s photography movement hasn’t taken off yet

The Perils of Working with Aamir • Why Abhay has Zero Awards • Mean Employers


Baradwaj Rangan’s book is proof that there is space for intelligent questions in Indian cinema


Mughal history is so much more interesting when seen through the art and literature patronised and inspired by the emperors


A new study finds that apes too suffer from the condition


It is unusual for dress watches to have sporty features. But an Omega won’t be bound by such customs


An astounding visualisation by Ang Lee of Yann Martel’s Booker-winning novel