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Table of Contents

12-18 Dec, 2012 | Vol 04 | Issue 30
Conspiracy in Ayodhya
The Indian Civil Service officer who helped the Hindu Mahasabha lay claim to the Babri Masjid.

The faulty assumption that if Section 66a did not exist, the Air India crewmen or Palghar girls would not have been arrested

The agony of Shivaji Park residents

Of Naresh and other famous Indian striped cats

The pointless recommendations of the Select Committee on the Lokpal Bill

Will cash transfer under UID be the Congress’ vote-catcher for 2014 as NREGA was in 2009?

The man who has taken on Narendra Modi says he has gone beyond thinking about personal consequences

At Markazul Ma’arif, madrassa students are taught English with the aid of books by authors like Ted Hughes and Khushwant Singh

The tricks used by Israel’s fans are both familiar and fallacious

The riots of 1992-93 were so brutal, it seemed Mumbai would never recover. Yet, despite no signs of justice, victims of the violence are beginning to move on

The millionaires’ game where you least expect it

In the box with Navjot Sidhu and Kapil Dev

What gluten intolerance does to your life

…and what it takes to walk out on them

What the lack of interest in a spectacular show on Tagore tells us about India’s art brigade

Jacky Gets Saif’s Vote • Tattoo Trouble • Armpit Abashed


Raza, who still paints at the age of 91, talks about the debilitating effects of age on a painter

From mill workers to chawl dwellers and old settlements to fancy towers, Sudhir Patwardhan’s art has kept up with the changing landscape of the city


A Brazilian designer’s mask that converts what you exhale into electrical energy


An overdose of a scowling Aamir Khan ruins this film