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Table of Contents

14-20 Jan, 2013 | Vol 05 | Issue 02
What next for the rape protest?
All the original everyday people who sparked the first wave of anti-rape protests are gone. Only a handful of feminist activists are continuing the fight

The DMK’s succession drama is fast reaching a conclusion

Capital punishment for rape is a misguided response

On the unsolicited dispensation of opinion by Godmen

The only way to evade diabetes is to stop evading responsibility for what we eat

I saw Shilpi Jain the morning of her rape and murder. I still carry the scar of that memory. We all do

There is merriment and mischief enough, but media parties are a lot less scandalous now

How he ‘inadvertently’ put another poet’s works in his collection and why the episode remained unknown

On the spontaneous literature of outrage the Delhi rape has evoked

And all that it reveals of the man behind the star

The banking sector remains licence-ruled and licences will not be auctioned—for good reasons

Last October, Ramki Sreenivasan was among a group of conservationists who went to investigate the illegal hunting and sale of migratory Amur falcons in Nagaland. What they saw was a mind-numbing massacre of the species

How we allow it on a daily basis

Musician Grammy nominee Arun Shenoy is a full-time investment banker who composed an album in online collaboration with other musicians

Linking it to the Delhi gangrape is an exercise in self-delusion

The Kapoors’ Tragi-comedy • Ajab Love, Ghazab Story • Party Hard, Punch Harder


Meet the scientists who won the Infosys Prize 2012


Its acoustics may not be great, but this portable speaker could still be the best thing to take along on a picnic


A rare Bollywood movie in which the protagonists are greedy, hedonistic and sadistic


An American political science professor and his extraordinary fascination with Bhupen Khakhar’s works that has led him to collect over 100 of them