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Table of Contents

22-28 Jan, 2013 | Vol 05 | Issue 03
Excerpts from ‘Our Moon Has Blood Clots’
A chilling account of the circumstances under which a Kashmiri Pandit family was forced out of the Valley, the terror that foreclosed all hope of returning, and the grim existence of those who sought shelter in a Jammu refugee camp.

The problem with the MIM’s post-UPA political plan

There are some issues that must remain above partisan politics or populism, and this is one of them

How Vasant Dhoble, the much-reviled Mumbai cop, holds a mirror to the self-centredness of the middle-class

The story of a men’s liberation movement

What fame does to Bollywood stars

How the Delhi rape has wrought a prurient me-too madness in the media and the average citizen

In Vino Veritas: in wine, they say, lies truth. And the truth is that most Indian wineries need to get their act together

…and the uncertain baggage that comes with it

Murphy’s Law to Modi’s Law, something remarkable seems to be underway

Nilayan Dutta’s childhood was spent in easy familiarity with one of the most famous red light districts of India. Like a recurring dream, his memories keep drawing him back there

Michael C Hall, the fascinating serial killer of Dexter, the hit American TV show, talks about dealing with his inner dark passenger, on and off screen

A love of all things celestial unites Delhi’s stargazers

Why no one speaks for Abdul Nasser Madani, the ailing politician who has been kept behind bars for years on evidence that is suspect

Tabu Gets Her Turn • Playing Godfather • How to Thumb Your Nose in Style

With his latest burglary in Kerala, master thief Bunty chor, who steals to grow his legend, is back at his notorious best


This projector will not give you skewed images even if it is not placed bang in front of the screen


The talented Mr Bhardwaj has lost his mojo


An extract from the book Sindh: Stories from a Vanished Homeland


A new study suggests that people who have never married run twice the risk of dying in middle age than those who have spouses