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Table of Contents

29 Jan-04 Feb, 2013 | Vol 05 | Issue 04
Modi vs Rahul: My way or the family way
It’s Indian politics. The more things change, the more choiceless it gets

Why Uddhav Thackeray is at risk of losing his party cadres

Rahul Gandhi too, like the other Nehru-Gandhi eminences, sees the Republic as an extension of the family

What sets Modi apart from his Gandhi family soulmate, and the great yearning among Indians for an autocrat ‘who gets things done’

What the screening of a one-minute montage on Thackeray before a movie says about your standing in India

The lives of prisoners in Buxar open jail

As akharas find it harder and harder to get new recruits, they are paying people to pose as Naga ascetics and swell their numbers for the duration of the Kumbh

India’s steel industry has little hope of snapping back from its slump without a big Central push

…and shaking off the trappings of normal life

…and India’s quest to make it to the big league

Pushpa Basnet on bringing up children who have spent time in jail with their mothers

The Never-ending RGV Saga • Four Times Lucky • Playdate of the Year


The book Spies from Space: The Isro Frame-up detailed how the real traitors in the Isro espionage case. Is that why it quickly disappeared from bookstores?


According to a study, 78 per cent of people who use deodorants don’t need them


It is slim and pretty, and can also open flat, at 180º. Now if only the battery lasted more than 4 hours


If only he had good performers, Sudhir Mishra’s formulaic narrative might have worked


A boutique under a cricket stadium to a Bombay highrise built to embrace the rains, there is very little that this Alibaug-based architect is not trying

Touring India isn’t easy for independent bands, but UK-based Fink is determined to make it here. Lead singer Fin Greenall tells us why, and what makes it worth it