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Table of Contents

05-11 Feb, 2013 | Vol 05 | Issue 05
Can this ancient, hidebound system survive the scrutiny of modern medicine?
Reams upon reams of research exists on Ayurveda, much of it dramatic and worded most optimistically, but they are not taken seriously by modern medicine.

Having lost power at the Centre, he is now faced with the growing clout of his bête noire, Gopinath Munde, in Maharashtra

Senior leaders offer different arguments for and against Telengana, but remain worried about the irreparable damage done to the party in the state

Three back-to-back cases of ‘cultural terrorism’ is something, even by Indian standards

His comments on rape were merely the tip of a sinister iceberg

The politics of untruth about the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits

Rahul Bhatt’s stranger-than-fiction friendship with a terrorist

An encounter with Ma Anand Sheela, Osho’s former personal secretary and author of a controversial bare-all memoir

11 elephants died on our railway tracks in two weeks. Is there a way to stop this?

With Thomas Pink entering the Indian market, English shirts have made a comeback in fashion talk

In India, he could be a factory-manufactured creature, identical in all essentials

How diehards found a way to dodge a party-pooping state government

Even with the increase in petrochem production, prices may not come down too much

From Silukku to MS • Losing the Zombie War • Nothing’s for Free

Tridip Suhrud is a social scientist from Ahmedabad


A study finds that the modern dog originated from wolves that scavenged human waste dumps


A poor cousin of the Galaxy SIII, it’ll still find takers among brand loyalists


Pretty girls to swanky sets, this heist film is definitely easy on the eyes


Writer Indira Goswami’s significant literary contribution to Assam’s peace process