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Table of Contents

02-08 Apr, 2013 | Vol 05 | Issue 13
Bigstick politics
Will it ever end?

As its Muslim supporters gravitate towards the Congress, the SP looks to gain among saffron voters

Deconstructing a speech made by Jaya Bachchan on India’s new anti-rape Bill

Many of the editors who trashed his proposals were downright dishonest

An afternoon with three generations of a family of drug dealers

How Pathsala became one of Assam’s major education hubs in the space of a decade

The mystery of why Joginder, father of the fabled lota dance, has fans just about everywhere. Even abroad

The greatest never-give-upper in contemporary sport is back at his best

Jeffrey Archer has no clue what makes great literature but is never short of stories to tell

Why a woman is not a woman’s worst enemy

The DMK and Cyprus jitters are over. What matters is whether the Centre can sustain its reforms

The remarkable story of Usha Jadhav, the National Award-winning actress who fought prejudices to emerge a success

How the Great Depression, Juan Peron and the brothels of Argentina influenced the creation of one of the world’s most vibrant forms of music

There is no valid argument to let him off

Not Alone in Bollywood • Being Madhuri Dixit • The One Who Smelt the Coffee


Dalrymple’s book is well researched, but that still doesn’t mean we take his account at face value


Mira Nair speaks of being a child of the street, her need for a talisman film while she is shooting, and of the perversity of item numbers

Tarantino seems to care more about his place in pop culture than history or morality


A new study shows that mice pass on genetic information through their urine


A stylish smartphone with speed to boot