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Table of Contents

23-29 Apr, 2013 | Vol 05 | Issue 16
It is LK Advani—as circumstances conspire to give him yet another shot at India’s prime ministership
It was intended to stop Gujarat’s Bharatiya Janata Party Chief Minister Narendra Modi from becoming the National Democratic Alliance’s prime ministerial candidate. But by the time Bihar’s Janata Dal-United Chief Minister Nitish Kumar finished his hard-hitting speech aimed at Modi on 14 April, at the end of the JD-U’s two-day national executive meet in Delhi, the saffron party had to contend with an even more uncomfortable truth.

Twenty years of fighting the charges against Devinderpal Singh Bhullar have robbed him of his sanity. Will India stand by and let a sick man hang?

A writ petition to make watching porn a non-bailable offence has got everything upside down

That Bhullar should hang before Kamal Nath or Jagdish Tytler may not be a travesty of law, but it is a travesty of justice

Victimised for their faith, Hindu refugees from across the border say they do not want to return

The story of a man who set up shop in a Muslim colony of Ahmedabad shunned by other businesses after the riots of 2002

The experiences of a group of banker friends who found themselves in the thick of the 2009 financial meltdown

…for the trees. A startup called Afforestt shows how

In the shadow of cricket’s glamour, an age-old sport is experiencing a quiet renaissance

Asier Sáez-Cirión, a scientist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, talks to Open about his landmark research on AIDS

With a dash of mild contempt and benign tolerance for the writer’s ignorance

Matrimony-pushing parents are better armed than you’d think

For fashion designer Arjun Saluja, clothes are a way to transcend gender lines

Gold is past its Great Panic peak and may now be set for a longer slump than goldbugs expect

What families in Haryana will do to have a son. A witness’ account

New Beginnings with Old Friends • Shall We Call Them Kat-Ran? • The Scream Part 5


A new crop of writers are adapting the the tried-and-tested spy thriller to an Indian context, for an Indian readership, with a familiar villain


A new study claims our body structures may have evolved from far more complex ones


A sharp shooter that is fast, versatile and feels nice and solid in your hand


A delightful film falls apart in the second half