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Table of Contents

14-20 May, 2013 | Vol 05 | Issue 19
It may not entirely be a sense of duty that is motivating CBI Director Ranjit Sinha
A CBI Director whose very pliability led him to first collude with the Government and then come clean in a bid to save his skin

The Congress wins a simple majority and the JDS rivals the BJP for second place, bringing an end to the saffron party’s vigilantism and its love of gods and godmen

On the absurdity of the nude dance of an NSUI president becoming such a big deal

Contrasting SC judgments in the Bhullar and Das cases spell confusion

Despite adequate laws, hundreds of foreigners are stuck in overcrowded prisons across India

And why India’s National Green Tribunal in particular cannot do justice to its stated objective

Global pessimism is both unfounded and unhelpful

What the social media activities of cricketers say about them

What justifies the Indian Government’s move to raise its regulatory limit on flight seats to Abu Dhabi so radically?

Kerala’s move to turn water over to the private sector promises to complicate the scarcity problem

It’s time they’re jolted awake by women who watch

The account of a Missing Persons Bureau inspector who went missing trapped in an elevator

Let’s Not Ask Her Screen Age • Tears of Luck • To Act or Not To Act


Taiye Selasi’s first novel runs circles around the ‘African story’ you’re used to


The story of VP Dhananjayan’s struggle to break away from Kalakshetra and establish himself as a solo male Bharata Natyam dancer


Parallel cinema of the 1970s and 80s remains influential in Bollywood though chances are you will not notice it

These four shorts films are a beautiful tribute to Hindi cinema


Listening to what you like activates a part of your brain linked with good food and sex


This home theatre system delivers more than just good sound on a budget