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Table of Contents

21-27 May, 2013 | Vol 05 | Issue 20
Congress: The mess and the manure
The second rung of the Congress party, where there is much jostling for power, is the origin of some of the most ridiculous political spin in recent times

What cases of police personnel getting caught on camera hitting women say about a welcome new world in the making

The Maoist ‘look east’ strategy has dangerous implications

The JDS shadow over the Congress’ Karnataka win made the party High Command partial to Siddaramaiah, but sources say the new CM was imposed, not elected

God’s gift to the Congress

Nawaz Sharif’s party won a near majority in Pakistan’s National Assembly. But it was Imran Khan’s campaign that animated the polls

How burning garbage and indiscriminate quarrying on the coast could spell the death of the Andaman Islands

As cola drinks are shunned by health junkies

The first act of Amar Chitra Katha’s rescue is over. The brand has survived. But Act Two will be tricky

CLR James’ Beyond a Boundary on its 50th anniversary

The joys of artisanal ice-cream

Why sexual fatigue is the best thing that’s happened to me lately

Private producers want to price it high, users want it kept cheap, and policymakers  appear all confused

Sinam Ongbi Chandrajini lost children in a massacre in Malom in 2000. It was the horror of this incident that led Irom Sharmila to begin her fast against AFSPA

A Hindu devotional song calls out to Facebookers seen as sinners in need of redemption

Finding Shimit Amin • Boney, Will You Cast Your Son? • Presenting Mr Expensive


Researchers say they have located the neurobiological basis of rodent and human individuality


It’s great for a home office, but keep your kids off it


A super villain whose name is Khan, a confusing plot and some superb action


Nikhil Chopra redraws history in performance