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Table of Contents

18-24 Jun, 2013 | Vol 05 | Issue 24
The crisis of a generational shift
And how an injured LK Advani still has a game in play

The fixing going on in the game played by the police to screw Sreesanth and Co

Maoists sneaking into Andhra Pradesh for medical treatment are falling into a police trap

A resignation drama by NCP ministers shows that Sharad Pawar can neither clean up nor control his party

An otherwise strident critic turns a blind eye to the ills of the BCCI

There are many settlements in Kerala’s Attappady tribal block that have only women, mostly widows with tragic lives. A close look at a peculiar imbalance

Reading poetry and listening to the radio as the trial of Bradley Manning begins

Genetic testing for health risks holds plenty of promise in India, so long as enough people take to it

Review website Mouthshut.com’s battle against being muzzled could strike a blow against online censorship

Some of them make abandoned buildings their home. A few scavenge for food. Most of them talk eloquently about freedom. What they have in common is an ideal: of living moneyless lives

Pirated feeds, Toyota commercials in Arabic, long distance calls to Dad. The challenges and joys of watching American sports in India

We learn early that we ought to be ashamed of our bodies

Chithralekha, a Dalit woman autorickshaw driver in Kerala, has become an unwitting symbol of resistance against caste hegemony in her state

With India’s General Election due in less than a year, this is a good time to push for the legalisation of this drug

A Bulging Wallet • Friends and Lovers • Another Comeback: Via the Gym

Wanted: a Dance Partner for SRK • Shadow of Hrithik’s Past • Twice Rejected, Won’t Be Shy


Rajesh Parameswaran talks about his reluctance to talk about his writing—and the lasting lessons of failing quickly with short stories


Photographer Samar Jodha talks about his inspiration, his influences, art as advocacy and displaying work at the Venice Biennale


New brain cells that mammals develop during puberty help them woo sexual partners


A perfect blend of tradition and technology, the Cielo is beautiful and futuristic


The sequel misses the Punjabi humour of the original film