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Table of Contents

09-15 Jul, 2013 | Vol 05 | Issue 27
Yet India routinely fails its women
Cervical cancer kills nearly 100,000 women every year in India. The real tragedy is that most of them could have been saved through immunisation and screening

Lessons about ourselves from the story of Narayan Pergaein

A few suggestions on how surveillance may be put to good use

It’s now Advani vs Modi in Karnataka too, as a section of the BJP wants Yeddyurappa to return to the party to lead the charge in 2014, while another section opposes the move

Pondering the 2014 prospects of potential political formations

Why must India and Pakistan rely on Western reports for news on each other?

As India, China and Dubai become the world’s biggest markets for these stones, African countries resisting attempts by the West

A scientist attempts to save amphibians by getting people to join his campaign

A prime minister once jailed for dissent can’t tolerate those who won’t sacrifice a park for ‘development’

Why India’s LGBTQI movement has a headstart over the West’s

Most developed countries go out of their way to promote a cycling culture, but in India, it can be a really dangerous hobby

India’s seafood exports stand at only $3.5 billion but could shoot up if aquacultural efforts pay off

And the toll it takes on aspiring models and actors

Want to make the world a better place? Take it up the butt

An account of how a dark Delhi short story written with great personal investment was reincarnated and brought to life in cinema

A Collection of Rejections • Evil Supergirl • The Casting Cash


Conflict photographer Alain Buu speaks about his obsession with capturing war, and being imprisoned and tortured in Abu Ghraib


It helped early humans hunt for calorie-rich meat that let them evolve larger bodies and brains


Perhaps the thinnest tablet around, it delivers a great Android experience


There is nothing interesting about the conversation between the four people in this movie