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Table of Contents

23-29 Jul, 2013 | Vol 05 | Issue 29
Manufacturing consent, saffron style
Gujarat government documents reveal what a PR agency will need to do as the BJP bends backwards to create a larger–than–life Modi

What the country’s recent football glories conceal

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has plucked the notion of power-with-accountability out of the political domain and planted it in a personalised celebrity universe

Or the claim that patriotism is not about dying for the country but murdering for it

Maharashtra is unable to justify its 2005 closure of dance bars before the Supreme Court

A man assumes his younger brother’s identity to satisfy the age criterion for a job. So began a decades-long saga

An app that helps gay men find partners. Quickly

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna speaks to Open

Dear Principal: do you have a problem with an autistic child in your school?

The woes of those who want to erase from their bodies inky tributes to people they once vowed to love forever

Sony TV’s Crime Patrol Dastak has a loyal following. But while some viewers find the show useful, others say it has made them paranoid

Why aren’t we more open with our partners about sexual health?

It may retard an economic recovery, but halting currency speculation is critical too

Why being born inbetween cultures may not be such a bad thing

Less than a decade ago, he did not even know how to cook

Angry Young Man 2 • No Fear of the Paparazzi • Not a Swell Job


Popular romance writer Ravinder Singh is as unabashed about being a writer who doesn’t read as he is about being a male writer of romances


The National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai has begun screening recordings of inaccessible international performances of opera and ballet


Sex Determination Mammals try to pick their offspring’s gender so as to maximise their reproductive success


A tablet for creative professionals that delivers top pen-on-screen performance


Farhan Akhtar offers the performance of a lifetime in a film that moves one to tears