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Table of Contents

06-12 Aug, 2013 | Vol 05 | Issue 31
…and what cybercrime experts have to say about it
As Karan Johar’s teenybopper flick Student of the Year pauses for an ad break on a TV channel, Bollywood stars Parineeti Chopra and Varun Dhawan appear on the screen to announce their WeChat IDs in a commercial for WeChat, a new Chinese phone messaging app—and rival of Whatsapp—that has just hit the Indian market....

On the idiocy of hitting a man for not standing up for the national anthem in a movie theatre

Seven reasons why this economist did not win the Prize

Funding elections through corruption goes hand-in-hand with last minute announcements aimed at voters

A new state is set to emerge amid sighs of relief in some places and chewing of nails in others

Why India’s strategy to combat polio is mistaken

Chibaukhera, a village 20 kilometres from Lucknow, finally got electricity for the first time in April this year

Sir, did you know that the book you endorsed was bullshit?

A close reading of the renegade New Wave of Tamil Cinema

Ipsita Roy Chakraverti, who claims to be a witch, has written her third book. Supernatural beings, she maintains, are all around us

An encounter with a Bollywood wannabe

Why I won’t ignore my mental reel of sexual highlights

The slowdown has strained the finances of large firms enough to soon hurt their credit ratings

The owner of one of the world’s most expensive nightclubs, where a table spend can be close to $100,000, on why creating great parties is an art in itself

The Ex Factor • On the Kapoor Calendar • Mediated Friendship


Michael Katakis, writer, photographer and manager of the Ernest Hemingway estate, on why people will never tire of the late writer’s works


The appointment of a new director at Chennai’s Kalakshetra may breathe new life into this once-revolutionary institution


By planting a false memory in rats, scientists show humans can have faulty memories too


This gizmo can be used either as a smartphone or tablet


An entertaining film that shows us an interesting social structure in corporate Japan