Rs 59,995

Olympus PEN E-P2

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If you hate DSLRs because they are bulky but still love their features, go for this Micro Four Thirds.
12 megapixels | three-inch LCD | retro styling | HD video capability | 335 gms

This new type of digital camera is called Micro Four Thirds. While it allows interchangeable lenses like in DSLRs, it is much lighter and slimmer. Even though the E-P2 is only the second Micro Four Thirds from Olympus, its specs and performance are comparable (if not better) to the regular DSLRs: 12 megapixels, three-inch LCD, retro styling, large rubber pad grip and HD video capability in a 335 gm package. While it does not have a flash or viewfinder, the camera can accommodate them as accessories. So if you don’t want to buy DSLRs because they are bulky, you should check out the E-P2.

It has features that any high-end DSLR would be proud of: auto focus system, focus assist that can zoom around the selected AF points, and a new iEnhance shooting mode that tweaks image colours to emphasise the main subject. While shooting HD videos you can also control the camera’s shutter speed and aperture. The function dial is recessed and is accessible through a roll wheel like in old cameras.

It also has features such as built-in background music for doing slide shows directly from the camera, in-camera editing and the capability of applying art filters. All these make it worth every penny that Olympus wants for it.