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Wireless Walkman

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The earphones and player are not wirelessly connected, they’re built into the head band. It’s more expensive than other Mp3 players, but hey, it’s a Sony
Zappin Technology enabled | 2GB music capacity | 35 grams

At Rs 4,990, you may want to give it a second thought, despite the way it is displayed at demo stations across the country. But when you plug it in and see what you can do with it, you feel, oh man, why did this not come out when I was in school playing football on the field burdened with that heavy load of a box called a Walkman?

It’s a full Mp3 player built into a head band that you can wear—with the in-ear earphones and a band connecting the two—and it looks amazingly cool. This is one mighty Mp3 player that you may want to get if you are the sporting kind. The charge port and the sync port are the common mini USB standard, and you can connect and drag and drop music on to the player like it’s just another thumbdrive connected to your PC. It also features 13.5 mm large driver units, which support a large frequency range and sound great. The soft silicon earbuds make it a comfortable wear, but they’re slightly uncomfortable for people with small ears. Instead of a screen, it has a jog wheel to choose songs, using a technology called Zappin.

What I loved most about this Walkman is that it charges up to 90 minutes of use in 3 minutes. So you can charge it in the time that it takes to brush your teeth and hair, before you go for that jog in the morning. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge the unit for a 12-hour music playback, though. It also supports AAC / WMA and DRM protected files. The 2GB music capacity can keep you rolling with approximately 480 tracks. It comes in pink, white, black, green, and violet colours. And all this weighs only 35 gram. 

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