Six Simple Ways to Get a Green Card

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A guide on how to make the US your new home, real quick

A guide on how to make the US your new home, real quick

Here's how. And the best part is any one of these will do.

Join the army

Uncle Sam Needs You to serve his cause in Afghanistan and Iraq. So if you already have residency in the US, this is the best bet for you to get citizenship.

Find a family connection

As many as 70 per cent of green cards are awarded to family members.

Invest $1.5 million with the US govt

All those bailouts cost big money. So if you can spare $1.5 million (Rs 7.5 crore), go for it. You earn only 2 per cent interest, though.

Fall in love

Marry a US citizen, that gives you automatic citizenship.

Open a firm in the US

The cheapest way to get a green card is to have a wholly- owned subsidiary firm in the US. Even if you has five odd employees, it’ll do. Just ensure the firm is still in business after a year.

Be smart

The US gives direct green cards to professors, doctors, lawyers and other super achievers if they have what the law calls ‘extraordinary abilities’. So if you’re a PhD or a doctor of medicine, now is the time to apply.