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The lives of men who bear a startling resemblance to prominent political personalities


Singh, 65, a long-time Congress supporter, worked in the transport business before he retired. Such was his fame, that Dr Manmohan Singh (then Finance Minister) attended his son’s wedding. He generally dresses in a kurta-pyjama and blue turban. He even appears in the forthcoming film, 498A The Wedding Gift, as the PM


Talwar, 48, was a bus driver with DTC till a couple of years ago. That’s when his resemblance to Baba Ramdev started fetching him modelling and film offers. Talwar now regularly does weight training to capitalise on his Ramdev likeness. He has just completed a film with British actress Sofia Hayat in which he has a fairly long role as Ramdev


Dr Chaturvedi, 62, is a social activist who plays up his startling resemblance to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi at protests and demonstrations. He is associated with a campaign to save the Yamuna river, and also participates in anti-corruption rallies. He hopes to travel to Pakistan some day. “Pakistan should look up to India as its elder brother and both should combine efforts to fight evils of society,” he says


Auto rickshaw driver Vijay changed his name to Vijay Abdul Kalam because he felt a strong connection to the former Indian President. It’s apparent why. Vijay’s dream came true when he finally met Kalam in person. Vijay died four years ago after a heart attack. He was 62


Khan, 22, dresses up as Charlie Chaplin and performs at malls and children’s birthday parties. “I love to walk in the rain, because no one can see me cry,” he says.