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Make CPM a social democratic party or dump it for the sake of political hygiene


23 Apr 2015 | BY S Prasannarajan

The hidden enchantment of Bekal Fort


16 Apr 2015 | BY Sneha Bhura

Female students of an engineering college in Kerala protest against discriminatory hostel timings


19 Mar 2015 | BY Shahina KK

Kerala’s most wanted Maoist couple are using fiction and journalism as weapons of mass delusion


26 Feb 2015 | BY Shahina KK

The nonagenarian communist went out of the conference hall bidding farewell to the general secretary Prakash Karat who unsuccessfully tried to pacify him


21 Feb 2015 | BY Shahina KK

Employees of a TV channel start living in their office to force the management to pay their salaries


19 Feb 2015 | BY Shahina KK

Islamic fundamentalists chopped off his right hand. His college dismissed him. The government abandoned him. His wife ended her own life when she could not take the trauma any longer. And his son was hounded by the police for no reason. Open met TJ Joseph in his hometown in central Kerala. The indefatigable teacher is in the midst of writing his memoir


18 Feb 2015 | BY V Shoba

It is not easy to be a former priest or nun in Kerala


5 Feb 2015 | BY Shahina KK

How a 29-year-old woman from Kerala is setting up a library in a remote Tanzanian village


29 Jan 2015 | BY Shahina KK

He was considered the ultimate political survivor. Now, Kerala’s 82-year-old finance minister and the country’s longest-serving MLA stands disgraced


29 Jan 2015 | BY Ullekh NP
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