Mandate 2017

S Prasannarajan | PR Ramesh | Ullekh NP | AK Verma | Sumantra Bose | Bharat Karnad |Rahul Pandita | Kumar

Openomics 2017

Openomics 2017: Editor’s Note ~ By S Prasannarajan It is not drama but dharma that defines Jaitley's budget

Open Minds 2016

Open Minds 2016: Public Square For a country of India’s diversity, vibrance and population, picking a few

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Macbeth: Out, Out, Brief Candle! ~ by MJ Akbar Macbeth is the drama of ambition rising from the ash of ethics

The Travel Issue

The Travel Issue: Editor's Note ~ S Prasannarajan The Romance of the Road ~ Madhavankutty Pillai In Search of

New Year 2016 Issue

New Year Issue: Editor’s Note ~ S Prasannarajan A celebration of storytelling   Being a Conservative ~ Swapan


Editor’s Note ~ by S Prasannarajan A political leadership that realises the sanctity of individual autonomy

7 shades of summer

From travel and movies to books and food, a collection of all things cool this summer The gatherings of the

The Road to Somewhere

A driving holiday in India comes with a fair share of surprises, most of them pleasant—rivers rushing across

Just Feel It

Some years ago, when some friends were planning to climb the Stok Kangri peak, I decided to tag along up till

Go Rural

For some reason, sugarcane juice tastes much better 600 km away from Mumbai. Perhaps because it is made of

A Higher Place

The first time I ever saw snow, we had decided to drive up to the mountains at 4 in the morning—a decision